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Claims & Expert Witness

Still millions of pounds of claims, but how many delays are demonstrated effectively?

Despite efforts to change the industry from confrontational to co-operative, claims continue to be a fact of life. It’s not that contracts don’t make adequate provision for changing circumstances, it’s the difficulty of proving what really happened to delay your project.

Forms and ContractsImagine, however, that you had an effective way not only to demonstrate your entitlement under the contract, but also how your additional costs stemmed directly from this. And going beyond this, imagine that your clear demonstration of entitlement made your recipient understand and accept your case, so that all remains is for you to negotiate a settlement.

Clarity in the words and compelling graphics make all the difference

Lambda Projects can help you do just that. With clarity in the words and compelling graphics, your claim will link Cause back to Contractual Entitlement and Effects back to the Cause. You need your claim to be crystal clear, so that you can use it to negotiate with, because
that keeps you in control.

Your claim can benefit from unique techniques developed to give you a comprehensive and effective solution, covering 3 essential areas of Claims Management.

1. Knowing where to look

Your claim may well have arisen due to unplanned extras being introduced or delay and disruption has affected construction. After 30 years of hands-on experience on construction projects including shopping centres, sports facilities, offices, medical centres, theatres, housing, communication, rail and ships, your Lambda Projects Claims Consultant will understand the processes of design and build and will quickly recognise evidence available to prove your case and any evidence to the contrary. This means you will be well informed to make the correct commercial decisions necessary and avoid likely losses.

2. Sound contractual basis

Your Claims Consultant will have a minimum of 25 years experience operating within all of the three main “hats”, the Contractor, the Designer and the Client, which means you will be better able to anticipate arguments against you in a dispute and so focus resources on the strongest aspects of your claim. “Time” analysts work hand in hand with contractual and cost experts, giving your case all-round expertise and a sound contractual basis.

3. Excellent graphics

Ambassador IIOver many years we have understood the requirements asked for by clients and find that information from mainstream software packages is not always able to illustrate your case clearly. As a result, we have developed a unique and copyrighted tool to display your case in an instantly recognisable manner, so that everyone understands the events and, more importantly, the implications. Whichever software we opt for, the choice will be determined by the need for clarity in presenting your case.

How your extension of time claim is built

Sources of information

At first, all sources of relevant documentation are identified along with the relevant people involved in your project. By interviewing them with a proven process, which has been designed over 30 years, we are able to produce a draft chronology of the case so far. The questions you are asked also help draw out any "own fault" issues which can then be addressed and put into context.


Then by scheduling relevant documents and matching this to the chronology, your case will begin to take on clarity. You will be shown alternative ways of illustrating your case and will have an opportunity to make sure your own points are represented. By using our own unique and copyrighted software solution, either on its own, or to enhance mainstream software outputs, you can be assured of really effective illustrations.

Critical path

After this, the Critical Path, Delays and Extension of Time Entitlement are identified and overlaid on the chart.

Test for robustness

The final stage in the preparation of your claim is for us to jointly test robustness and clarity of the case; this is generally completed in a facilitated workshop with your key people from the project. You are invited to play “Devil’s Advocate” to try and knock down arguments and anticipate a possible case against you, including the effects of any "own fault" delays. Once the submission has passed this final test, it can be submitted.

Win the claim and keep the client

Delay ChartsIn many cases, presentation of delays has been so complex, that expensive “experts” needed to be present in all negotiations. Giving you presentations that can be understood by everyone involved in the case is vitally important to the outcome. To ensure your case is given the best line in defence your delay analyses are presented in a way that enables them to be used by you as negotiating tools. This puts the power and control back into your hands; so you may exercise your discretion in settlement matters and are more likely to achieve the ideal of winning the claim yet retain your client.

Identifying and demonstrating the key delaying events, even where these were very different to previous perceptions is the critical point of any case. Your claim may be hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds so it is vitally important you allow yourself the maximum benefit and advantage by presenting your case in a unique and concise way only with Lambda Projects.

If you have a project where you think you may be entitled to additional time or money and would like to discuss whether or not the above techniques would be appropriate, Please contact us by completing our contact form or call 01933 666998 now and ask to speak to Shabu Dedhar.

Ask us about a free initial review of your case worth £475, including a follow-up report, all in total confidence.

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