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Design Management

Are your bottom line benefits at risk of being eroded by design-related issues?

Have you instructed changes and only later been told of the true cost?

Have you been asked to make instant decisions so that difficulties in design can be worked out?

Have you been asked to accept something other than what you understood you were getting?

Have unforeseen installation problems arisen during the works?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, the appointment of a design manager is the key to bringing cost-saving benefits to your project

Jubilee LineMisinterpretations happen in design, a fact of designing a multi-disciplinary prototype. The trouble is that these are likely to cost you extra money in terms of designers’ fees, abortive work and delays on site.
But Lambda Projects can help you reduce misunderstandings and have each part of the design co-ordinated with the rest and issued for construction on time, making it possible for you to bring your project in on time and budget and increase your bottom line profits.
With Lambda managing your design from initial concept to construction sign-off, your project will benefit in 5 essential ways:

1. Tap into 25 years diverse design experience

Now more than ever buildings have become more and more technically demanding, and therefore it is essential that your design managers have broad experience and complete technical understanding. At Lambda you’ll find that your Design Manager will have a wealth of skills that go beyond what you would expect of a qualified engineer with a minimum of 25 years experience. Regular updates on technological change is a requirement of their post and this is passed on to you and your project along with their unique knowledge of diverse design projects giving them a clear understanding of your development needs and the need to accommodate all design disciplines.

2. Practical designs that can be built

RailwayA rule of thumb; design of your project must never be carried out in isolation without due regard for buildability. Your Design Manager, has only been employed by Lambda after we are satisfied they qualify with hands-on experience as both Contractor and Designer. Not only that, but they must show an ability to look at the design from the contractor’s viewpoint and construction from the designer’s viewpoint. This means they will prevent you being landed with a design that cannot be built or is unnecessarily costly.

3. Reduced risk of delay claims for unco-ordinated designs

As your design managers, you’ll have access to unique collaborative processes, including workshops , which ensure all interested parties are able to influence design at the right stage of the project. This greatly reduces your exposure to risks arising from uncoordinated or incomplete designs, which would otherwise cost you money in additional work or delay claims from contractors.

4. Design information released to suit construction

During the initial stages of the project you will receive a complete and comprehensive work plan and receive agreed deliverables from your design team, so that the release of design information suits the construction sequence. This means that delays to the contractor, for which you may be held responsible, will be prevented.

5. Costs controlled and timescales achieved

Express HouseYour design requirements are key to achieving ‘Fitness for Purpose’ and should these not be interpreted properly, your whole project could be jeopardised. Lambda projects’ expertise, in ensuring that communication between your vision, the designer’s creativity and the contractor’s buildability constraints, means that expensive changes later in the project will be kept to an absolute minimum. This means that your costs can be controlled and your timescales achieved throughout the project.

Please contact us by completing our contact form or call 01933 666998 now and ask to speak to Owen Evans to find out how these features will benefit your situation.

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