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Project Management

"Sometimes a new opinion is the difference between more delays and added expense or a project on time and in budget"

Delays happen, that’s a fact of construction projects, where every building is a prototype

but, imagine if you could find a way to reduce your project delays and down time

so, you could increase your bottom line profits

and, bring your project in on time and budget

Colchester GarrisonLambda Projects can do just that. You’ll want to be confident that your project management operations are saving you time and saving you money.

5 reasons to choose Lambda

At Lambda we understand your requirements and have designed a comprehensive service solution, managing your project from initial instruction.

Reason 1

Your ability to visualise your project and it’s progress is paramount to the overall success of your plans, Lambda Projects has worked to create a unique system to repackage your project in a way that gives you complete clarity and focus as never before.

Reason 2

PylonsClients from all industries have been astounded by the improvement in visibility of their projects. This has literally changed the fortunes of several high value projects previously in serious trouble. One telecommunications contractor was exposed to £3 millions of damages for delays he thought were of his own making. Once we opened, not only his eyes, but also his client’s eyes, he was able to eliminate the delays and the risk of damages.

Reason 3

When you choose Lambda projects, your project will have access to our unique ‘10 key disciplines’, developed from lessons learned over 30 years of management or rescuing ailing projects. These 10 disciplines are vital for ensuring project success and will work to your benefit by reducing your risk of exposure to delays and costs

Reason 4

Ensuring your project runs smoothly or gets back on schedule with minimum disruption and cost is crucial, giving your project more than 30 years of personal hands-on contracting and designing experience, having personally resolved an amazing array of clients’ problems, means your project manager will quickly recognise and neutralise issues that may jeopardise your project. This being one of the key ingredients that will reduce your risk of exposure to delay and other additional costs.

Reason 5

Clapham Train StationYour project is your primary concern right now, which is why, at Lambda Projects, your project will be overseen and run by a Director of the company. Initially your project director will ask up to 76 specific questions designed to ensure all relevant points are covered. We listen carefully to your answers and provide you with a comprehensive briefing report. In this way, you can be confident that your needs and required outcomes have been fully understood and will be addressed properly. If you need to change your requirements, you will be advised of any likely implications to cost or programme delays, so that you are able to make only informed decisions before issuing formal instructions.

Please contact us by completing our contact form or call 01933 666998 now and ask to speak to Shabu Dedhar to find out how these features will benefit your situation.

Organisations We Work With:
Crown Castle
Richards Butler Solicitors
Siemens Communications
South West Trains
Jeakins Weir
English Heritage
Delphi Diesel Systems
Balfour Beatty Construction
Maritime Services Corporation
A & P Shipyards
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